Energy-Mass-Gravity Theory - EMG Theory

Electromagnetic quantum vacuum of QED, impowered with Planck metrics is a promissing model which describes mass and gravity without Higgs boson and without graviton. Particles which carry strong and weak nuclear force are different "energy structures" of quantum vacuum which have a mass because they diminish energy density of quantum vacuum accodingly to their energy:

Inertial and gravitational mass have origin in diminished energy density of quantum vacuum. Every particle is made out of the energy of quantum vacuum and so diminishes its density respectively to the amount of is energy as is describred in formalism abowe.

About our research on Enery-Mass-Gravity Theory (EMG Theory) see articles in American Journal of Modern Physics - AJMP,
special issue: The Insufficiency of Big Bang Cosmology.

-  Cosmology of Einstein's NOW
-  UDE Cosmology without Higgs boson and without graviton
-  Exact solution for Time and Entanglement in UDE Cosmology.

See also article: About the three - dimensional quantum vacuum as the ultimate origin of gravity, electromagnetic field, dark energy and quantum bahaviour v UKRAINIAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, Vol 61, Num 5, p.413-431

                           Amrit Srečko Šorli, Davide Fiscaletti, Magi Mageshwaran      26.7.2016
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